Angular CLI

With all of the new features Angular takes advantage of, like static typing, decorators and ES6 module resolution, comes the added cost of setup and maintenance. Spending a lot of time with different build setups and configuring all of the different tools used to serve a modern JavaScript application can really take a lot of time and drain productivity by not being able to actually work on the app itself.

Seeing the popularity of ember-cli, Angular decided they would provide their own CLI to solve this problem. Angular CLI is geared to be the tool used to create and manage your Angular app. It provides the ability to:

  • create a project from scratch

  • scaffold components, directives, services, etc.

  • lint your code

  • serve the application

  • run your unit tests and end to end tests.

The Angular CLI currently only generates scaffolding in TypeScript, with other dialects to come later.

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