Order of Operations

Migrating a large AngularJS application to Angular can be a big undertaking. We recommend the following order of operations during conversion.

  • Webpack

  • TypeScript

  • Move as much code as possible into pure TypeScript modules

    • Write framework-agnostic unit tests for that code

    • Good candidates for this are stateless services

  • Enable ngUpgrade

    • If used, replace the ng-app directive with angular.bootstrap.

    • Ensure App works

    • Install @angular/upgrade package

    • Create an Angular AppModule that inject the UpgradeModule and let it take over the bootstrapping.

  • Identify components (directives) of the app most likely to benefit from Angular

    • These could be parts of the app where performance is a problem,

      parts where there will be more active development or

      parts that could really benefit from Angular libraries or components.

  • Convert all service dependencies from AngularJS to Angular

    • Move existing .factory Angular services to .service

    • Leverage TypeScript classes

    • Use downgradeComponent(ServiceName) to expose Angular service to Angular.js

  • Repeat this process until all components have been converted to Angular

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