Redux and @ngrx

What is Redux?

Redux is an application state manager for JavaScript applications, and keeps with the core principles of the Flux-architecture by having a unidirectional data flow in your application.

Where Flux applications traditionally have multiple stores, Redux applications have only one global, read-only application state. This state is calculated by "reducing" over a collection or stream of actions that update it in controlled ways.

What is @ngrx?

Redux state managers have been very well received and have inspired the creation of @ngrx, a set of modules that implement the same way of managing state as well as some of the middleware and tools in the Redux ecosystem. @ngrx was created to be used specifically with Angular and RxJS, as it leans heavily on the observable paradigm.

We'll describe how to use this approach in an application.

For further on Redux and @ngrx see the Further reading section

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