Upgrading To AngularJS 1.3+ Style

The first step of any migration is to upgrade the codebases style to conform to AngularJS 1.3+ style, ideally an AngularJS 1.5+ style. This means:

  • All controllers should be in controllerAs form, and ideally should only exist on directives

  • Use directives, specifically "component directives", that use the following properties:

    • restrict: 'E'

    • scope: {}

    • bindToController: {}

    • controllerAs

    • template or templateUrl

    • transclude (optional)

    • require (optional)

  • Component directives should not use the following attributes:

    • compile

    • replace: true

    • priority/terminal

  • Ideally have one component, or one thing per file

  • Ideally have folders organized by feature

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